30 Jun 2014


This is a provisional schedule of the upcoming films tested for the current rules sets.  Dates may be subject to change.  All dates are Australian and are posted Mondays around 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10).

Rom Com Rules
All films reviewed.  The Bechdel Test and the analysis is coming soon.

Lesbian Romance Rules
7th - DEBS (2004)
21st - My Summer of Love (2004)
23rd - Better Than Chocolate (1999)
25th - The Children's Hour (1961)

Rule Set #4
Now probably starting in late August.  I've decided to finish up the Lesbian Romance Rules and do one set at a time, see if that runs better.

Current voting is favouring Manic Pixie Dream Girl films.  Remember to vote here.

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The Current Schedule can be found here at any time.

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