16 Sept 2016


Rules, tropes, cliches all films have them, what sub-genres should I test?

Help decide on future film sub-genres to be tested by doing the following poll (explanations for sub-genres appear after the poll.)

  • Black comedies - Films that find comedy in dark themes, especially death.  [Weekend At Bernie's]
  • Farces - Films that use buffoonery and absurd situations for comedy.  [The Dinner Game]
  • Gross-out comedies - Films that use toilet humour and sex for comedy.  [There's Something about Mary]
  • Mockumentaries - Films that pretend to be documentaries to heighten the comedy.  [This is Spinal Tap]  Serious mockumentaries exist, and especially for horror films are often "found footage" films, but will not be tested by this category.
  • Musicals - Films that include songs that replace character's dialogue or thoughts in some scenes.  [The Sound of Music]
  • Parodies/Spoofs - Films that make fun of other films and popular culture.  [Airplane!]
  • Screwball comedes - Films that use fast-paced repartee and heightened situations.  [Bringing Up Baby]
  • Sex comedies - Films that find humour in sexual relationships, including attempts to get sex or cover up affairs.  [The Seven Year Itch]  Sub-genres of this type of film are Teen Sex Comedies and the Carry On film series, both of which appear on the Sex and Romance poll.
  • Slapstick comedies - Films use exaggerated physical humour.  [The Pink Panther]
  • Stoner comedies - Films that find humour in people who are high.  [Any Cheech & Chong film.]  
There may be a lot of crossover between these sub-genres, farces and screwball comedies usually include slapstick, etc.  Films may be tested in multiple genres.

There are comedy or musical sub-genres not included here that appeared on previous polls.

There are comedy or musical sub-genres not included here that will appear on later polls

Any sub-genres of comedy or musical films you feel are missing and need to be added to the list?  Any films that need to be tested?  Please comment below.

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