6 Jul 2017


Rules, tropes, cliches all films have them, what sub-genres should I test?

Help decide on future film sub-genres to be tested by doing the following poll (explanations for sub-genres appear after the poll.)

  • Adaptations - Films based on plays, books, comics, etc.  [Educating Rita]
  • Art House films - Arty and independent films outside the mainstream.  [Better than Chocolate]
  • Beach Party films - Films from the Beach Party film series and similar films.  [Muscle Beach Party]
  • Christian films - Films created for a Christian audience.  [God's Not Dead]
  • Dogme '95 films - Films that follow the Dogme '95 rules.  [The Idiots]
  • German Expressionism movement - Dark films from the German in the 1910s - 1930s. [Metropolis]
  • Italian Neo-Realism - Italian films from WWII and the post-WWII period dealing with poverty and injustice. [The Bicycle Thief]
  • "Road to..." film series - Films from the Bing Crosby/Bob Hope film series.  [Road to Morocco]
  • Road Trip films - Films about people traveling across country.  [Something Wild]
  • British New Wave Social Realism - Films about the working class struggle in a declining economic structure.  [Raining Stones]

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