15 Dec 2017

SLASHER FILM RULES - Silent Night, Deadly Night part 2 (1987)

Every genre has cliches, but how well does the second Silent Night Deadly Night film follow the Slasher film rules?

Silent Night, Deadly Night part 2 (1987) Ricky Caldwell, brother of the killer from Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) recounts that film in detail and then his own series of copycat killings. While a slasher film it's about a damaged individual getting revenge on the world.

The following analysis may contain spoilers for

Silent Night, Deadly Night part 2 (1987)


The Unheeded Warning.

"You tend to get paranoid when everyone around you gets dead." ~ Richard ("Ricky") Caldwell.

1a.  Warnings will not be believed...
i.  Source - No warning beyond the previous film.
ii.  Dismissable - N/A.
iii.  Authorities - N/A.
iv.  Crazy - N/A.
1b.  Happened before - Ricky's bother Billy went on a killing spree, which this film reshown almost every kill from.

1c.  General eeriness - Mental hospital.


Sex & Nudity.

"That was my first time.  I thought it was Jennifer's too."  ~ Ricky.

2a.  Nudity -
i. Female Nudity - Apart from rehashed nudity from the first film there's brief nudity from Paula and a little nudity from Jennifer.
ii. Male Nudity - A little nudity (nothing seen) from Ricky.
iii. Nudity Equals Death - Jennifer dies later, Paula survives.
iv. Public vs Private Nudity - Paula's is public-ish (in a remote locations) but non-consensual.  Jennifer's is private.

2b.  Sex -
i.  Death - Only Jennifer and Ricky have sex.  He's the killer and she's killed by him later.
ii.  Random Sex - None.
iii. Relationship Sex - Jennifer and Ricky.
iv.  Rape - Eddie tries to rape Paula.  Ricky kills him for it.


Death will be a punishment for...

"Naughty." ~  Ricky.

...Transgression.  .

3a.   Sex - Only Ricky and Jennifer are shown having sex.  It could be taken that Ricky killed Jennifer because she wasn't a virgin when they met, or that she annoyed him getting upset he'd killed her ex or that she was just the first in his string of random bystander killings.  Eddie wanted sex with Paula and was killed for it, especially as the events matched almost exactly the assault on his mother that he claims to be able to remember.  Unlike Pamela in the first film (who was killed by Billy after Andy assaulted her) Ricky let Paula live.

3b.  Nudity  - Only Paula and Jennifer appeared nude (outside nudity from the previous film) Paula's was brief and non-consentual and she survived, Jennifers was in sex scenes with the killer and died much later.

3c.  Drinking - No drinking appeared.

3d.  Drugs - No drug taking appeared.

3e.  Hitchhiking - No.

3f.  Other Criminal Behaviour - A loan shark is killed for being a loan shark.

3g.  Being annoying/being cowardly/being a sleazy guy - Eddie attempts to sexually assault Paula.  Chip is trying to get back with Jennifer (and has a history of cheating.)  Both are killed.

3h.  Being a bystander.  Especially true of the two random homeowners and the driver Ricky kills on his shooting spree.

People will die when they go…

"This movie's so bogus. It really is. Watch this - the guy's going to go down into the basement without a flashlight. Never mind the fact that everyone else in the movie's dead! Next thing you know..." ~ Guy in cinema.

4a.  Down to the Basement - No basements.

4b.  Upstairs - Mother Superior is upstairs when Ricky attacks her.

4c.  For a Shower - No one showers.

4d.  Into old sheds or out buildings - No such buildings.No such buildings.

4e.  Running off to the “safety” of the forest - Doesn't happen.

4f.  Anywhere alone - Mother Superior lives alone.

4g.  Anywhere Remote, Isolated or Confined - Eddie and Paula, maybe.

4h.  Any Old, Abandoned or Presumably Haunted Buildings - No such buildings.


The Order of Death

"You stood me up.  You cheated on me.  You ruined my best sweater.  And I would rather die before I'd go out with you again." ~ Jennifer.

5a.  The First Person on Screen - The first person on screen in the killer, Ricky.  The second is an orderly who is presumably the 12th killed (more if the reuse from the first film is shown).  He is the second killed not in flashback.

5b.  The Black Man dies First -  The orderly, as mentioned, the 12th killed.

5c.  The Stoner - No stoners.

5d.  The Bimbo - Jennifer may count, having had sex with at least 2 men!

5e.  The Nerdy/Funny Guy - The quiet friend of the noisy guy in the cinema may count.  The policeman killed looks quite nerdy.

5f.  Macho jerks - Eddie; the loan shark; the noisy guy in the cinema; Chip; the orderly.

5g.  The Strong Female Character - The Mother Superior counts as this, if not as the final girl.

5h.  The Protector - Since there's no real final girl there isn't really one, but the detective could count but is a very small role.

5i.  The Sensitive Guy - None.

5j.  Children and animals – The little girl who runs into Ricky during his killing spree and he lets live, just as his brother did in the first film.

5k. The Final Girl - The Mother Superior perhaps, or Sister Mary, but neither really works.  The Mother Superior is used below.
  1. (13)  Eddie [F]
  2. (14)  Loan Shark [F]
  3. (15)  Guy in cinema #1 (persumably)
  4. (16)  Guy in cinema #2 [F]
  5. (17)  Chip [F]
  6. (18) Jennifer Statson [D]
  7. (19) Policeman [E]
  8. (20) Random homeowner #1
  9. (21) Random homeowner #2
  10. (22) Random driver
  11. (23) Dr Henry Bloom [H]?
  12. (24) Orderlies (at least 1) [F]
  13. (25) Santa impersonator
  14. (26) Mother Superior [K]?


Especially When They Are Most Needed, The Following Things Cannot Be Relied On…

"Hello, Ricky. I'm your court appointed therapist. My name is Dr. Henry Bloom. You can call me Henry, or if you want, you can just call me Doc." ~ Dr Bloom.

...Anything.  But especially:

6a.  Communications devices - Not an issue.

6b.  Lighting - Not an issue.

6c.  Vehicular Transport - Chip does have some car trouble... before the shooting spree.

6d.  Your Own Legs - Not an issue.

6e.  The Authorities - The police do capture him once and shoot him at the end.  He does use a cop he killed's gun in the spree, though.  The mental hospital is less reliable, letting him escape.

6f.  Weapons - As noted, the cop loses his gun.

6g.  Escape Routes - Not an issue.


The Final Girl

"I am your Mother Superior, and I raised you from a child! I order you to put that weapon down and take your punishment!" ~ Mother Superior.

Mother Superior

7a.  Final - Almost.

7b.  Girl - Yes.

7c.  Boyish.
i.   Uni-sex name - No.
ii.  Masculine dressing - No, she dresses as a nun. 
iii. Flat-chested - Wears a habit, hard to say.
iv.  Short-haired Wears a habit, hard to say.

7d.  Well Drawn - 
i.  Intelligent - She does do some intelligent things.
ii.  Curious & vigilant - Not really.
iii.  Talented - No,
iv.  Has a dark past - She's the evil mother superior trope.
v.  Have/gain inner strength - She does a little.

7e.  Virginal & innocent - Most likely.

7f.  Will be reborn - A little.


The Killer has a Connection to…

"Oh Mother Superior! I've got a present for you!" ~ Ricky.

Ricky Caldwell

8a.  The Location - No.

8b.  The Final Girl -  She's the mother superior that raised him.

8c.  The Protector - No protector.

8d.  The Other Victims - One was his girlfriend.

8e.  Femininity - He was quite effeminate in his teens.

8f.  A Specific Look - Wears a Santa costume (sans beard) at the end.

8g.  A Specific Weapon - And axe at the end.

8h.  The Camera - There are underplayed POV moments.


Evil Never Dies

"He's gone, Sister.  It's over." ~ Detective.

9a.   You Always Have to Kill the Bad Guy Twice - He was shot a number of times.

9b.  Even then the Bad Guy lives on - Shot a number of times and seems dead, then opens his eyes.

9c.  Evil is Immortal - Not clearly shown as such.

RULE #10

The Sequel Will Be Bigger/More Formulaic

"It was something to see. Cops stopping Santas everywhere from here to the state line. But that didn't matter to Billy. He knew the roads, the shortcuts. He knew exactly where he was going, and nothing was going to stop him!" ~ Ricky.

10a.  They will follow the rules more - Not really.

10b.  They will be more formulaic - Follows the formula set by the first a little (long life of the child growing up) but avoids the big concept behind the first film until the end (kills dressed as Santa).

10c.  There will be more T&A - Less, unless you count the T&A reused from the previous film.

10d.  There will be more and bigger deaths of the victims - More deaths, but mostly small, some off-screen.

10e.  The killer’s death will be bigger - Shot a couple of times then falls out a (ground story window).  Bigger than the just being shot of his brother.

10f.  The killer will be less realistic - As realistic as his brother.


"Why in the hell is there no mention of these incidents in my notes? Oh, my god! The State Review Board will certainly find out my opinions on..." ~ Dr Bloom.

  • The following rules are followed:  1; 9.
  • The following rules are partially followed:  2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 8; 10.
  • The following rules are not followed:  7.

~ DUG.

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