13 Apr 2018

SLASHER FILMS RULES - Jason's Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)

Every genre has cliches, but has well does the ninth Friday the 13th follow the slasher film rules?

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) is yet another Friday the 13th film.

The following analysis may contain spoilers for

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)


Unheeded Warning.

"Quite a character" ~ Robert Campbell.

1a.  Warnings will not be believed...
i.  Source - Creighton Duke, the bounty hunter.
ii.  Dismissable - Is dismissed a little by the TV show, but it also offers to hire him as a gimmick.
iii.  Authorities - The FBI thinks they've stopped it.  The local police arrest Creighton.
iv.  Crazy - He is quite a character.
1b.  Happened before - The premise is based on the idea that everyone knows this has happened before but the FBI has stopped it.

1c.  General eeriness - Yes.

Sex & Nudity.

"I stole Diana's body and I hid it here in the closet, and then I went home and fucked her daughter." ~ Robert Campbell.

2a.  Nudity -
i. Female Nudity - Agent Marcus gets naked as bait.  Deborah swam topless and had sex naked while Alexis was topless while changing.  Jessica Kimble showers.
ii. Male Nudity - Luke was nude after swimming and during sex.  Deputy Josh is bound nude by Jason.
iii. Nudity Equals Death - Marcus survives. The campers Alexis, Deborah and Luke are killed.
iv. Public vs Private Nudity - Marcus and Jessica's nudity is private in a bathroom, but Marcus wears just a towel while escaping. All three campers as naked or semi-naked outside their tent.
2b.  Sex -
i.  Death - True for Deborah and Luke.
ii.  Random Sex - None, thought Robert seems to be using his relationship with Jessica.
iii. Relationship Sex - Deborah and Luke seem to be in some sort of relationship.  Jessica and Robert are in a relationship (see above).   It seems that Jessica and Steven had a relationship rather than just random sex, but it isn't clear.
iv.  Rape - None.

Death will be a punishment for...

"Oh, yeah? Planning on smoking a little dope, having a little premarital sex and getting slaughtered?" ~ Steven Freeman.


3a.   Sex - True for Deborah and Luke who were shown having sex. Those not shown having sex survived.

3b.  Nudity - Agent Marcus survives, in a meta rules breaking opening.  Deborah, Luke and Alexis are killed. Deputy Josh's nudity is shown after he is captured. Jessica's nudity is implied not shown, she survives.

3c.  Drinking - None.

3d.  Drugs - None.

3e.  Hitchhiking - Deborah, Luke and Alexis.  All die.

3f.  Other Criminal Behaviour - None.

3g.  Being annoying/being cowardly/being a sleazy guy - Robert Campbell (sleazy reporter type). The coroner, the security guards.

3h.  Being a bystander - Lots, especially police.

People will die when they go…

"That thing's in the basement with Jessica's mother." ~ Steven Freeman.

4a.  Down to the Basement - Jason is reborn there. Jessica goes down to follow Jason outside.

4b.  Upstairs - Agent Marcus does and survives.

4c.  For a Shower - Agent Marcus does and survives. Jessica does and survive.

4d.  Into old sheds or out buildings - Agent Marcus does and survives.

4e.  Running off to the “safety” of the forest - Agent Marcus does and survives.

4f.  Anywhere alone - Agent Marcus does and survives.

4g.  Anywhere Remote, Isolated or Confined - Agent Marcus does and survives.

4h.  Any Old, Abandoned or Presumably Haunted Buildings - Agent Marcus does and survives.

The Order of Death

"The facts: Two security men... dead. A coroner... dead. Another coroner... missing. Are these men victims of a serial killer only believed to be deceased?" ~ Robert Campbell.

5a.  The First Person on Screen - Agent Marcus (survives)

5b.  The Black Man dies First - Two, Creighton Duke and Phil the Coroner.  Jason is the first to die, depending on your definition of death.  Coroner Phil is the first possessed by Jason.  Creighton Duke is the last (besides Jason again).

5c.  The Stoner - No stoners.

5d.  The Bimbo - Alexis (hits on Steven) and Deborah, of course.  Both killed.

5e.  The Nerdy/Funny Guy - Coroner Phil makes bad jokes (possessed than dies), Coroner Eric wears glasses (first killed)

5f.  Macho jerks - The Security Guards (die). The FBI gunmen, probably (survive), the police (lots killed), Robert Campbell (killed)

5g.  The Strong Female Character - Agent Marcus (Survives); Diane Kimble; Joey; Vicki.

5h.  The Protector - Duke, but one of those more about killing the killer than protecting the final girl.

5i.  The Sensitive Guy - Stephen (almost the final girl). Maybe Luke.

5j.  Children and Animals - Jessica and Stephen's baby.

5k. The Final Girl - Jessica.

1.           Jason [temporarily killed by special ops]

Coroner Phil
2.    (83)  Eric [E]
3.    (84)  Security Guard [F].
4.    (85)  Security Guard. [F].
5 - 9      Five Jason-style murders.
10.   (90)  Alexis [D]
11.   (91)  Deborah [D]
12.   (92)  Luke [I?]
13.   (93)  Edna [D?]
14.   (94)  Coroner Phil [Body used up]  [E]

Deputy Josh
15.  (95)  Diana Kimble [G]
16.  (96)  Deputy Josh [Body used up [E]

Reporter Robert
17.  (97)  Unnamed Police Officer  [E]
18.  (98)  Officer Ryan [E]
19.  (99)  Officer Mark [E]
20. (100)  Officer Brian [E]
21. (101)  Ward [E]
22. (102)  Shelby [E]
23. (103)  Joey [G]
24. (104)  Vicki [G]
25. (105)  Reporter Robert [Body used up] [E]

Officer Randy
26.           Sheriff Landis [Stabbed by Jessica] [E]
27.           Officer Randy Parker [Beheaded by Steven] [I?]

28. (107)  Duke [H]

29.           Jason [Stabbed by Jessica]

Especially When They Are Most Needed, The Following Things Cannot Be Relied On…

"Line's dead" ~ Shelby.

...Anything.  But especially:

6a.  Communications devices - The line at the diner is already down.

6b.  Lighting - Agent Marcus fixes a light and then Jason takes it out again while hunting her.  Jessica and Joey fight over a gun and take out the power to the diner lights.

6c.  Vehicular Transport - No real problems.

6d.  Your Own Legs - Agent Marcus trips once while being chased.  She's nearly parkour otherwise.

6e.  The Authorities - The authorities cause-ish the problem in the beginning and active work against the people trying to stop Jason later.

6f.  Weapons - Falling out of reach a bit.

6g.  Escape Routes - Not a real issue.

The Final Girl

"The only way to kill Jason Voorhees is to destroy his heart. And there's only one person who can do that now that Diana's dead. Her daughter." ~ Creighton Duke.

Jessica Kimble

7a.  Final - Yes (with Steven). She's the one who stabs him.

7b.  Girl - Yes.

7c.  Boyish.
i.   Uni-sex name - No.
ii.  Masculine dressing - A little.  Then wears a spare police uniform.
iii. Flat-chested - No.
iv.  Short-haired - No.

7d.  Well Drawn - 
i.  Intelligent - A little.
ii.  Curious & vigilant - A little.
iii.  Talented - A little.
iv.  Has a dark past - Relationship with Steven.
v.  Have/gain inner strength - Yes.

7e.  Virginal & innocent - No, she has a child with Steven.  She's also in a sexual relationship with a man who is using her, but that not her fault.

7f.  Will be reborn - Yes.

The Killer has a Connection to…

"For over 20 years, the mere mention of the name Jason Voorhees has been enough to send a shudder of fear through the hearts of an entire nation." ~ Robert Campbell.

Jason Vorhees

8a.  The Location - Back at Camp Crystal Lake.

8b.  The Final Girl - She's his niece.

8c.  The Protector - No.

8d.  The Other Victims - Diana Kimble is his sister.

8e.  Femininity - No.

8f.  A Specific Look - Traditional mask and overalls at the beginning, end and in reflections.  The people he possesses at other times.

8g.  A Specific Weapon - Anything available.

8h.  The Camera - Jason's POV is shown.

Evil Never Dies

"Say, Doc! What's the verdict? Is Jason gonna be gettin' up and walkin' around any time soon?" ~ Security Guard.

9a.   You Always Have to Kill the Bad Guy Twice - The film starts with Jason alive again (not explained) and almost immediately blown up.

9b.  Even then the Bad Guy lives on - Coroner Phil eats part of Jason and he comes back from the dead and passes from body to body.

9c.  Evil is Immortal - Long established by this stage. The ending suggests Jason's now in hell.

RULE #10
The Sequel Will Be Bigger/More Formulaic

"Duke! The part about being reborn through a Voorhees woman, does it have to be a living woman?" ~ Steven.

10a.  They will follow the rules more - Less.  And when it does it usually does it in a meta way.

10b.  They will be more formulaic - Breaks the formula for the Jason films dramatically.

10c.  There will be more T&A - Very little in the previous film, slightly more in this.

10d.  There will be more and bigger deaths of the victims - More, probably not bigger.

10e.  The killer’s death will be bigger - Blown up early on. Dragged to hell at the end.  Yeah.

10f.  The killer will be less realistic - From unstoppable undead force to body swapping thing.  Yeah.


"Name... Voorhees, Jason. This case is eyes only. This tape is strictly for internal distribution. Anyone listening must have C4 clearance or higher. If not, you're in a heap of trouble." ~ Phil the coroner.

The following rules are followed:  1; 5; 6; 8.
The following rules are partially followed:  2; 3; 7; 9; 10.
The following rules are not followed:  4.

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