31 Aug 2016

POLL - The ACTION genre.

Rules, tropes, cliches all films have them, what sub-genres should I test?

Help decide on future film sub-genres to be tested by doing the following poll (explanations for sub-genres appear after the poll.)

  • Action comedy - Action films with a strong comedy element.  [True Lies]
  • Buddy cop film - Two cops are forced to work together to solve a crime.  [Lethal Weapon]
  • Chase films - Someone is being chased.  Usually it's by law enforcement and they're being chased for a crime they didn't commit.  [The Fugitive]
  • Die Hard-in-a - An overlooked hero kills off bad-guys one-by-one while trapped in a limited area.  [Die Hard]
  • Disaster films - A natural or man-made disaster is occurring and a hero has to help a small group survive and escape.  [The Towering Inferno]  10 films have already been tested for this genre.
  • Inspirational sports films - Underdogs in life achieve success in sport.  [The Mighty Ducks]
  • Martial Arts films - A martial artist must fight many other martial artists, usually to achieve revenge.  [Enter the Dragon]
  • Spy films - Action films involving espionage, with a hero who is a spy or an civilian pulled into the spy game.  [Any Bond film]  Not to be confused with Espionage/Spy Thrillers which will appear on the Suspense & Thriller poll.
  • War films - Films about combat soldiers during a war.  [Saving Private Ryan]
  • Western - Films set in the American old west.  [Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid]

There may be a lot of crossover between these sub-genres, Buddy cop films usually include a lot of comedy, etc.  Films may be tested in multiple genres.

There are action sub-genres not included here that will appear on later polls.

  • Dramas, Historical Films & Epics - will include: Epics and Swashbuckling films.
  • Exploitation films - includes many films that are also action films.
  • Horror - will include: Animal Attack films, Alien Attack and other horror genres that include some action.
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy - includes many films that are also action films.

Any sub-genres of action films you feel are missing and need to be added to the list?  Any films that need to be tested?  Please comment below.

~ DUG.