4 Nov 2013

THE FILM RULES - Introduction

Different films and types of films come with rules.

These films create and define genre but they can also make them predictable.  Sometimes it is that predictability that the viewer wants, sometimes following the rules make the film more special when it breaks them.

This blog is designed to test some of the commonly known film rules to see if they are really used in film and conversely to see how closely a variety of films follow the rules of their genre.

A list will be created, through personal observation and viewer consensus (the web, mentions in popular culture, etc).  This list will be blogged.

Then films from the genre will be watched and how they follow the rules analysed.  Eventually, when 10 films have been done how the rules stand up will be looked at.

There will also be the occasional random rule list to keep things bubbling.

~ DUG.

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