17 Feb 2015

THE FILM RULES - Intermission

Film genres have formulas and rules, but how well do films follow those formulas?  

With 5 of the 10 second batch of Slasher films done, and after Friday's special Friday the 13th postt, I thought we'd take a little break... and look at how things work here:

Currently, we're looking at the Slasher Films again, and if they follows the rules of the genre.  Previous rule sets tested were

There are also some random posts.

rough schedule of films until the end of the Slasher Rules test is available.  After that, the next set of rules to be tested is up for a vote... and future rules beyond are up for discussion on the "Workspace" page.

Currently at the top of the results of the poll is Zombie Films, and created a workspace page for that Genre, too.

A question, though... what movies didn't I test for the above 4 genres that you think I should have?  Suggestions in the comments below.

~ DUG.

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