18 Nov 2016


Rules, tropes, cliches all films have them, what sub-genres should I test?

Help decide on future film sub-genres to be tested by doing the following poll (explanations for sub-genres appear after the poll.)

  • Animal Attack films - Films about an animal, group of animals or a giant animal attacking a group of people.  [Jaws]
  • Alien Attack films - Films about an alien, or small group of aliens attacking a group of people, usually on Earth.  Similar to Animal Attack films, but less organised than Alien Invasions.  [Alien]
  • Body Horror - Films mutilation or mutation of human bodies or the bodies of other creatures.  [The Fly]
  • Demonic Possession - Films about demons or other entities taking possession of humans or attempting to do so.  [The Exorcist]
  • Ghost films - Films about hauntings or other supernatural happenings.  [Poltergeist]
  • Gorno/Torture Porn - Films about someone capturing and torturing a variety of victims.  [Wolf Creek]
  • Gothic Horror - Films based on (actually or thematically) of older Gothic Romance horrors.  [Dracula]
  • J-Horror - Japanese horror films.  [Ringu]
  • Slasher films - Films where a group of people (mostly teenagers) are killed off one-by-one by an unstoppable killer.   20+ films have already been tested for this genre. [Friday the 13th]
  • Zombie films - Films where a group of people try to survive the return of the dead.   10 films have already been tested for this genre. 

There may be a lot of crossover between these sub-genres, many horror films are exploitation films, etc.  Films may be tested in multiple genres.

There are exploitation sub-genres not included here that appeared on previous polls.

  • Comedies & Musicals - includes:  Black Comedies which often have some crossover with horror.
  • Crime films - includes: Serial Killer films which have a lot of crossover.
  • Dramas, Historical Films & Epics - includes:  Addiction films (depending on how they're handled) and  Disaffected Youth films (aka Teensploitation).
  • Exploitation films - most subgenres will have horror elements, Splattter films is a specifically a horror sub-genre.

There are dramas, historical films & epics sub-genres not included here that will appear on later polls.
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy films - some films in these sub-genres will include horror.
  • Sex & Romance - includes:  Supernatural Romance which doesn't contain much horror but was born from the horror genre.
  • Suspence & Thrillers - Weak horror, but includes: Supernatural Thrillers which is a type of horrror.

Any sub-genres of dramas, historical films & epics you feel are missing and need to be added to the list?  Any films that need to be tested?  Please comment below.

~ DUG.

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