2 Dec 2016


Rules, tropes, cliches all films have them, what sub-genres should I test?

Help decide on future film sub-genres to be tested by doing the following poll (explanations for sub-genres appear after the poll.)

  • Alien Invasion films - Films about a mass invasion by alien forces.  [Independence Day]
  • Disney cartoons - Cartoons.  By Disney.  [Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs]
  • Dystopic Future Societies - Films about a future world where although for many life seems great, it actually sucks for most people.  [1984]
  • High Fantasy - Fantasy films set in a fantasy world.  5+ films have already been tested for this genre.  [The Princess Bride]
  • Post-Apocalyptic - Films about a future world where society has collapsed.  [Mad Max]
  • Space Opera - Films built around spaceships and space battles.  [Star Wars]
  • Super-Hero films - Films built around people with powers beyond those of normal man.  [Superman]
  • Sword & Sorcery/Barbarian films - High fantasy films, but set earlier, with more savage characters and darker magic.  [Conan the Barbarian]
  • Time Travel - Time travel.  Films about  [Back to the Future]
  • Virtual Reality films - Films mostly set in a virtual world.  [The Matrix]

There may be a lot of crossover between these sub-genres, many Science Fiction & Fantasy  films are exploitation films, etc.  Films may be tested in multiple genres.

There are Science Fiction & Fantasy  sub-genres not included here that appeared in previous polls.
  • Action films - Disaster film could be vaguely Science Fiction, and Alien Invasion films can include elements of Disaster films.  Space Opera may use elements of War films.
  • Crime films - includes: Vigiliante fims may use elements of Super Hero films.
  • Horror films - Often include Science Fiction or Fantasy (superntural) elements.  Especially Alien Attack, Demonic Possession, Ghost Stories, Zombie Films.

There are Science Fiction & Fantasy sub-genres not included here that will appear on later polls.
  • Sex & Romance - includes:  Supernatural Romance may contain fantasy elements.
  • Suspence & Thrillers - includes: Outbreak/Contagion films, a very weak form of science fiction, with connections to zombies.

Any sub-genres of science fiction & fantasy you feel are missing and need to be added to the list?  Any films that need to be tested?  Please comment below.

~ DUG.

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