7 Apr 2014

THE FILM RULES - Bottom 10

Films have formulas and rules, but how well do films follow those formulas?  Let's look at how the posts are going...

My ten posts on this blog that get have the lowest average weekly traffic.

Why a bottom 10 and not a top ten?  Surely showcasing the better, more popular blogs would be smarter?  Well, I've never been one to equate popularity with quality.  Sure, some may be popular because they are quality, but some may be popular because they contain the words "Doctor Who" or "Nudity" and so get more hits.  But the popular ones are already getting traffic, the unpopular ones are the ones that need the boost.

There are two main ways to determine popularity (or a lack of) total views or the average weekly views.  Now, the total views favours the older posts.  One view a week for a twenty weeks is gets better results an entry from last week that gets nineteen views.  I don't like that idea.  So, I've gone for a weekly average.  That does preference newer posts that have the burst of views from their first week... but isn't as skewed.  Any anyway, if they do that badly, their results will have settled down by the next time I do this.
At this stage I've done 21 posts (a few more with meta stuff, but I'm excluding them), but I'm excluding the too new 21st post, and concentrating on the first twenty.  As such these bottom twenty are half the posts, it's not like all of them have done too badly.
The list goes from lowest average (10) to highest (1).

10.  Random Rules:  10 Rules to Tell if a Character is a Super Villain.
  • First post, suffers because of it, as noted.
  • Does get traffic from Real Life Super Villains, but that hasn't been a new one of those for a while.
  • A "Random Rules" padding post, but to be fair, so it the #1 post (from the total list, not just this one), so it can't be that.
9.  Slasher Rules:  Silent Night, Deadly Night.
  • A minor slasher film, famous at the time because it was controversial.

8.  Slasher Rules:  Wolf Creek.
  • Surprisingly didn't get a bump from the release of the sequel.
7.  Rom Com Rules:  10 Things I Hate About You.
  • From the week after Wolf Creek.  Maybe it was just a bad time for visits?

6.  Slasher Rules:  Halloween.
  • Only first film of the "Big Three" (with Friday the 13th & A Nightmare on Elm St) not to get into the top ten.  Don't know why.

5.  Rom Com Rules:  Sleepless In Seattle.
  • Expected it to be higher due to name value.  Maybe it's getting old and forgotten?

4.  Rom Com Rules:  Bridget Jones's Diary.
  • Lots of traffic from the search "Bridget Jones's Underwear".  Go figure.

3.  Rom Com Rules:  Roman Holiday.
  • So sad to see it not do better.

2.  Rom Com Rules:  Knocked Up.

  • The most recent post considered, so lower visits, but it should still have a much better average than others.

1.  Slasher Film Rules:  A Nightmare on Elm St.

~ DUG.

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